Tuesday, May 18, 2010

walking away

what we can see in this picture is a girl, walking, a little bit relaxed, going out of the frame. I love the she walks in this picture as i say relaxed and enjoyed her walk very much *at that time
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Saturday, May 1, 2010

what are you looking at? me???

another multi exposure shot. i dont know how much exposure i put. but at least there is 4. there is my picture, vitri's and kresna's.
its kinda crowded. but i liked it very much. she sees me, and i frowned because kresna's hair is in my face. hahahaha
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Das Störrische Muli

this particular picture was taken in saung kummara, a boardgame cafe. i use to play here a lot. this particular boardgame was Das Störrische Muli. its about a race between donkey and its owner. a very fun game and exciting gameplay. i liked the color and illustration but i think i could do better with the focus. did some post processing, cropping and leveling.
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Friday, April 23, 2010

rainbow tree

in this particular film (the lucky super new 200) i captured a lot of rainbow pictures. And this one is the only one that i used my yellow purple filter with and thanks to vitri for the filter configuration, that i get this beautiful picture.
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Thursday, April 22, 2010



Hi! Since my boyfriend hasnt edit the profile, so I'm wondering if any of you know us and I think we need introduction, even it's not the first post..lol but thats okay, I think we were too excited to make a photo blog ourself and havent considering any information about us. Hehe So I'm Vitri Darlene, you can call me Darlene, or Darling (if Iqbal's okay with that lol), and the other one is my lovely boyfriend, Iqbal Muhammad Noorman, you can call him.... Iqbal. And i call him Baby. And I'm not okay if you guys also calling him Baby. His full name doesnt consist any 'Baby' like 'Darling' in my name :))

We started taking pictures together when Iqbal got his first analog camera,Pentax ME Super, and he bought me a yellow Octopus! So we just want to share our point of view about photography..and lomography.

SOOOOOO here it is, our blog, and all of these photos are not edited, only we tag our name on it and maybe a little cropping.

We really hope you enjoy it! Any comments/advice would be nice!
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im not buying

in this scene was captured a young lady who traveled to cihapit market but didnt buy anything. i love the color.

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Ride me, there's so many of me


Ride me, there's so many of me

I took this pic at JL Cihapit Bandung, beforewards we ate at Warung Bu Siti
very delicious and very traditional.. Recommended place hehe. I was wondering why there's so many becaks but I didn't see any driver (or rider?hahaha).. Lonely Becaks, I think thats why it parked so close to each other..

Octopus PN 919 S and Kodak Elitechrome 100
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